Addicting Puzzle Games to Sharpen Your Kids Brains

If you have heard that addiction of video games can ruin up your kids’ lives, you should ponder over this statement and try to see the other side of the coin. It is proved that video games trigger brain chemicals and improve mind-to-hand coordination in kids. Specifically, puzzle games ask for cognition and kids need to think to solve them. Many surveys have proved that kids playing such games develop better cognition as compared to those who don’t. Having said this, if you have addicting puzzle games on your smartphones or tablet PCs, let those little ones go for it!

An article from The Telegraph states that game such as Sudoku improve memory. Word arrangement games expand the vocabulary and to improve recall, video games played on thecomputer, or other video consoles are beneficial.

Kids that play such games on mobile phones and tablets are likely to become quick-witted, and this can help them taking quick decision in the future. A Swiss-American team reported in one of the leading scientific journals that how brain training method can help general problem-solving capability. Child psychologists do agree on this point and often advise parents to let their kids play such games.

Where to find addicting puzzle games?

On the Internet, you can find hundreds of them. For the devices based on iOS or Android OS, iTune and Google Play stores have great collections of such games. All you need is search for the genre you want and download them on your smart device.


You may initially assist your kids to get on these games and then encourage them to solve puzzles frequently. Soon, they will have their hands on brain-training games and then, you need not worry. Over a period of time, your kids will be able to solve the puzzle, jigsaws, crosswords, and games the like. Not to mention that in the future, they’ll have a better grip on solving aptitude test questions and MCQs.

In addition to improving cognition, some games significantly help bettering mind-to-hand coordination. Many games use gyroscope and require kids to react quickly and accurately. This does well in making their senses powerful and good-working.

Jigsaw as a brain-booster

Among all other such games, jigsaw is the most popular game genre among kids. Kids like to play with pictures and jigsaw has everything of that kind. Pictures of animals, people, nature, birds, etc. are available for jigsaw game. You may download a jigsaw game on your mobile phone and let your kids play to improve their cognition and problem-solving capacity.

Known as ‘Fluid-intelligence’, the ability to reason and solve different issues also helps in thinking in the abstract. This, in turn, helps in educational and professional success in their adulthood..

Source: speedcubes