1. We support the Palestinian people’s God-given right to self-defense. This is one of the fundamental human rights.  And yet the Palestinian people are not afforded this right in the discourse about the Israel-Palestine conflict.  Side issues are brought to the forefront of the discussion.  Side issues like rocket attacks or so-called “suicide bombings” are brought up.  The reality of the matter is, the Palestinian people are virtually defenseless with no army, no navy and no air force.  Meanwhile they’re confronted and attacked by the most powerful and advanced military in the region.   They have been expelled from their villages and cities for 60 years now.  They have been confined to Bantustans in which they are subject to attack at any time from the Israeli military or from Israeli settlers who attack with impunity.  So within THIS context we say that we support the Palestinian people’s God-given right to self defense.

2. We support the Palestinian people’s right to choose their own government. It is absurd and an insult for any nation to tell another nation which leaders they should choose and how they should govern themselves.  Yet our government as well as a subservient national media has repeatedly made the outrageous demand of the Palestinian people that they should choose a political leadership from among a few who happen to be acceptable at that particular moment in time.  American citizens, and citizens from any other nation for that matter, if faced with  these same brash demands from foreigners, would never tolerate such interference.  Take for example our recent presidential elections.  Imagine if the Chinese government and media began demanding that Americans elect Mitt Romney as president, followed by warnings that if we didn’t comply, they would cut off their dealings with us and sanction the country.  If we Americans were faced with this demand, we would laugh at the absurdity of this demand and probably attack China for its insolence.  But this is what the Palestinian people have to put up with from our government and media.  This is why we say we support the Palestinian people’s right to choose their own government.

3. We, as citizens and residents of the United States, will support our Palestinian brothers and sisters by participating in the consumer boycott of Apartheid Israel by boycotting the major American companies that support the racist and Zionist state of Israel. We have learned the lessons of the struggle against apartheid South Africa.  We must sever all forms of support for the apartheid economy of the Zionist state.  We recognize that around the world and particularly in the US there is an ever-expanding boycott, divestment and sanctions movement against the racist State of Israel and its corporate supporters.  One facet of this movement is a consumer boycott of those American companies that decide to dirty themselves with their connection to the Apartheid State.  These companies are being educated about how their close relationship with the Zionist Apartheid state is a liability.  Part of this education requires participants of the boycott to contact the companies and inform them of why you are boycotting.  We will support our Palestinian brothers and sisters by boycotting those American companies that have been identified as offering strong support to the racist and Zionist State of Israel.

4. We support a one state solution. We support a state in the holy land that Prophets Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (peace be upon them all) would want to be citizens of.  We support a state that offers equal rights to Christians, Jews and Muslims.  We support a peaceful dismantling of the Zionist State and a referendum with participation from the Christians, Jews and Muslims within the present day borders of the Zionist State, as well as participation from the Palestinian people within the occupied territories and refugee camps scattered across the region in deciding their fate.  We have full confidence that the South African model of a peaceful dismantling of the Apartheid system could be replicated with Apartheid Israel.  Without this dismantling of the cancerous Apartheid system in Israel, which is at the foundation of the Zionist ideology, there can be no peace in the region.  This is why we support a one state solution.

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